Photos We’re Moved By: Bikini-Wearing Pregnant Momma

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bikini pregnant

This could have been me, the lone pregnant woman on the beach in a bikini.

Jezebel ran a piece called, “Pregnant and Pulling a Deuce Because I Can.” Apparently, it’s a real thing. It means breaking two hundred pounds during pregnancy. Seventeen years ago when I was pregnant for the first time, nobody joked about weight gain. And there were few bikini-clad- mommas to-be at the beach. I was out there. But it was lonely beach. I recall whoever was being cooked, kicking up a storm in the heat and sun.

I loved reading the piece in Jezebel. Author Tracy Moore wrote with humor and joy about her pregnant largess. AND, she offered up real numbers gained during growing her little bebe.

Sexism is alive and well. Don’t get me wrong.

But bikini’d pregnant bellies and women reveling in  pulling a deuce equals women sharing and talking about their bodies honestly. And those conversations can’t help but combat the pressures to be airbrushed. Thoughts?

(Image: flequi)

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