Femamom is an online magazine that addresses parenting topics without shame, without judgment and with gobs of honesty. Mothers aren’t defined by their children alone—neither is Femamom. Though the edgy side of parenting is our main goal, we also address all the other topics that fall under having kids: divorce, single motherhood, sex, sleep (or lack of it), anger, death, life, joy, timely issues that matter something to us, and hopefully to you. We also want to clarify that the stories of men and childless women are as equally important to us and we’d love to hear those stories too.

Femamom is a multi-author platform site that depends on many voices–not just one. Read about our growing list of contributors here.

Thank you for coming to Femamom. We heart you for joining the discussion.

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Miriam Novogrodsky and Hayley Krischer are the editors of Femamom.

Hayley KrischerHayley Krischer has been a writer and editor for over 15 years. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Babble, Anderbo, Parenting, iVillage and other places that deemed her worthy. She is a contributing writer for the all-things-healthy website Organic Authority because a long, long, time ago, she was a hippie and worked at health food stores to pay the rent. She also writes a blog for The Huffington Post.

More of her work can be found here: hayleykrischer.com. She also sometimes blogs here. What Remains Behind

Miriam NovogrodskyMiriam Novogrodsky writes fiction and non-fiction. Her fiction has appeared in Glimmer Train Press, Thema, Newport Review Larcom Review, The Story  and The Drum. Under her desk are skeins of rejection slips and the letter, confirming she was a finalist in Glimmer Train’s short story contest, summer 2010. She writes to empty her pockets so, she can fill them again.



Hayley and Miriam met while getting their master’s in creative writing at Lesley University. (Since graduating, they can quote all sorts of authors to prove how ridiculously smart they are. So there.) They found a comradery with these things in common: crazy fathers, ex-husbands, pop psychology, children and just being good old-fashioned yentas. In the end, they had the I’m-not-so-perfect-how-about-you commonality—and more, they had no problem admitting it. That’s how Femamom was born. Two women. Two moms. Not perfect. More interested in the blemished, real side of life.

*    *    *

What is a Femamom? We cover everything that has to do with the edgy mom lifestyle–political, silly, irreverent, whiny and even the most trivial. We’re also unapologetically full of conflicts. We might bake brownies, but it might be difficult for us to show up on time to the bake sale. We might shop all organic for our kids and then get Botox shot right between the brows.

What’s your story?

4 Responses “About” →
  1. Miriam, I just read your piece in HuffPo (“Divorced Co-Parenting is an Oxymoron”) and LOVED it. So spot-on. As for those commenters psychoanalyzing you and your pathological stuck-ness? Apparently, I’m just as screwed up as you are. Glad to have found this blog.

  2. That HuffPo piece hits a subject I have to deal with every day. My ex drags out that old “co-parenting” saw at every opportunity, just so that he has a sounding board. It has very little to do with the child. I do think it gets better if both divorced parents have significant others; I rarely want to “co-parent” with my ex now. If he’d just find a woman, things would improve dramatically.

  3. thanks for reading — yes, co-parenting is such a playground for unreslolved partner shit. unfortunately — and of course, it’s terrible for the kids. no doubt about that.


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