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What Message About Drinking Alcohol Do I Want to Give My Child?

October 5, 2015


When I was in high school, I knew kids whose parents allowed them to drink. As long as the kid stayed in the house and didn’t go anywhere, the parent was fine with it. The reasoning: my kid is safe. They’re going to drink anyway, so they might as well drink in my house. I […]

Girl Friendships: I Love Her. I Love Her Not.

October 14, 2011


(Image Source / Corbis) My best friend Liz and I had one fight when we were seniors in high school. I caught her crinkling her nose about something I said. And so I teased her. She didn’t like that. I believe I taunted her a bit. She didn’t like that either. Outside, we screamed at […]

Occupy Wall Street: This is Everyone’s Issue

October 5, 2011


I was out to dinner the other night with some women–one I had never met. She was an interesting woman. Vivacious. Outspoken. A yoga teacher. Honest about the difficulties of parenting. But she said something to me that I found disturbing. “You grew up on the east coast.  You know nothing about what it’s like […]

Lessons in Obesity: Our Kids, Chris Christie and Melissa McCarthy

October 5, 2011


Living in the east coast bubble, I often say that I my kids are immune to childhood obesity. What obesity? My kid is a rail. His friends are rails. They’re over-scheduled and neurotic, yes. Obese, no. (Okay, that’s not totally true, according to the “How Obesity Threatens America Report, 2011″ New Jersey runs around the […]

Friendships: Women Don’t Tell Each Other Everything, Do We?

October 3, 2011


In the past week, I realized that there are two subjects that are taboo among women. 1. Admitting that you have a hard time making friends. 2. Admitting that you’ve been dumped by a friend. Last week, my story “Why Do Moms Have a Hard Time Making Friends?” ran on the Huffington Post. We were […]

Birth Order And Personality–I’m The Oldest Child & What Does It Mean?

September 27, 2011


I have one sibling. He’s about a year and a half younger than me. When we were younger, I was the dominant older sister. Peirced his ear. Told him he was adopted. Made him eat goop. All that shit. As we’ve gotten older, the roles between us have shifted. We give each other advice. We […]

Ask Miri: My Husband Lied and My Anxiety Is Killing Me

September 26, 2011


Dear Miri, I’m glad I found this blog.  I hope you can shed some honest light for me and perhaps help me with a problem.  I’m a married 30-something with 2 kids.  Pretty cliché life right now, working full-time, running kids around, very busy, etc.  My husband and I got married when I was pregnant […]