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Lessons in Obesity: Our Kids, Chris Christie and Melissa McCarthy

October 5, 2011 by


Living in the east coast bubble, I often say that I my kids are immune to childhood obesity. What obesity? My kid is a rail. His friends are rails. They’re over-scheduled and neurotic, yes. Obese, no. (Okay, that’s not totally true, according to the “How Obesity Threatens America Report, 2011″ New Jersey runs around the […]

2 Videos We Love: Grandparents Dirty Talk & Geena Davis Talks Gender Images

September 23, 2011 by


1. Thelma does her research. So she’s only eternally Thelma in our minds, but according to Geena Davis’s Institute on Gender Media, women aren’t doing much of anything in movies today except … getting barefoot and pregnant. According to Mashable: In her research, Davis found that most of the women portrayed in mainstream, family-friendly media […]

Cheating in a Marriage: Is Monogamy Impossible?

September 19, 2011 by


In more news about your cheatin’ heart—or his, is more like it—moral majority and Gwyneth Paltrow announced last week in an interview that you don’t have to worry about a cheating husband because, like, everyone’s doing it. Says the Goopess: “Life is complicated and long and I know people that I respect and admire and […]

Bob Forrest–a.k.a., Johnny Depp Stole My Look–Drug Addict Turned Savior

September 2, 2011 by


If you read my old blog, you’d know I love Johnny Depp. I even got Andy to wear Johnny-like black glasses which you can read about here. On this blog, I’ve written about celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Tatum O’Neal. I love me some pop culture, but maybe it’s more. Maybe I’m just fascinated by personal stories. […]

Brooke Shields at 10 Years Old–This Is What You’re Searching For

August 29, 2011 by


I’m writing this post because we’re getting an awful lot of search engines pulling up our site when people search for the words “Brooke Shields 10 year old.” This means one of two things. 1. For those of you who clicked on this because you are appalled by the photos of Brooke Shields that were taken […]

I Love You, Tatum O’Neal

August 5, 2011 by


When I was a kid, The Bad News Bears seemed like it was playing every Saturday morning. I can’t count for sure, but I feel that I watched it at least 30 times. This was a perfect movie for my brother and I who had endless arguments about television. Baseball for him. Cool chick Tatum […]

An Open Letter To Jennifer Aniston On Relationships and Narcissists

July 26, 2011 by


Dear Jen, Hey! I’m so glad you are finally dating a man who seems like he’s your equal. He ain’t above you. He ain’t below you. (Well, only when you want him to be.) He ain’t some guy who you took off your panties for because he made you laugh. This guy Justin Theroux has […]