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Girl Friendships: I Love Her. I Love Her Not.

October 14, 2011 by


(Image Source / Corbis) My best friend Liz and I had one fight when we were seniors in high school. I caught her crinkling her nose about something I said. And so I teased her. She didn’t like that. I believe I taunted her a bit. She didn’t like that either. Outside, we screamed at […]

Getting the Job Done: Women and Work Life

October 12, 2011 by


Women are good at compartmentalizing, juggling, balancing and yeah, bringing home the bacon. Well, some women. I have orange sticky notes all over my desk outlining each day otherwise I’d stop somewhere after walking my dog, Orli. Actually, after walking Orli and drinking crazy strong tea with Gail. See, it seems to me that after Gail […]

Friendships: Women Don’t Tell Each Other Everything, Do We?

October 3, 2011 by


In the past week, I realized that there are two subjects that are taboo among women. 1. Admitting that you have a hard time making friends. 2. Admitting that you’ve been dumped by a friend. Last week, my story “Why Do Moms Have a Hard Time Making Friends?” ran on the Huffington Post. We were […]

The Death Of A Child: Every Woman Has a Story To Tell

September 14, 2011 by


everyone has a story…if we just listen Guest Post by Gail Doktor One of my dear friends took me out for a day of pampering just a few weeks after my youngest daughter died. At the time, I was still shell-shocked and trying to cope with loss. The biggest decision of my day was what color […]

We Love You, Man

August 17, 2011 by


After the ambulance ride and the terrifying what ifs and the thankful shock, we came home. The next few days, my son’s bloody face dripped and oozed. His head ached and his teeth throbbed and then, he began to feel better. But while he was healing, I had the privilege of watching the most touching […]

That Woman Was At My Wedding; But I’m Not Going to Say Hello

August 3, 2011 by


Remember the people you invited to your wedding, how important and relevant they were? They don’t all stay relevant and important. I think this is great news. It’s a testament to the fact that we change and grow and continue to re-access our relationships. My sister was getting her hair colored. She does, about three times […]

Photos We’re Moved By: Christmas in Santa Fe

July 29, 2011 by


There are four things you need to do with your girlfriends: 1. Get naked in a hot tub. 2. Toast a sunset. 3. Giggle until you pee in your pants. 4. Celebrate your 40th birthdays in Santa Fe. My girls and I are going to Santa Fe in October, not exactly Christmas, but this picture […]