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Divorced Co-Parenting: An Oxymoron?

September 21, 2011 by


Here at Femamom, we’ve discussed polyamory, infidelity, monogamy, marriage and now, I’m back to divorce. Divorce being a possible outcome of the aforementioned topic favs. You are never divorced if children are involved. You are perpetually divorcing. If the spoils amount to a cat and a Kitchen Aid bought with hoarded 20 percent discount cards from […]

You Think You’re Tired? One Single Mother’s All-Nighter

June 23, 2011 by


Two o’clock in the morning. This is not gonna last. Hurry up sleep come on. And make it sooner than later. At least he has finally closed his eyes. Wonder what makes my precocious son want to stay up past a normal bedtime.  Is it the thought that he might be missing something?  It is […]

The Polyamory Conundrum: Is This My Antidote to Single Motherhood?

June 21, 2011 by


I Heart U and U and U Single. Again. I began to consider new ways of finding a loving, devoted, funny, smart and emotionally mature man. And where better to do my research than watching episodes of “Taboo” on the National Geographic channel? My son watches “Taboo” regularly. He called me in when a 29-year-old, […]